PLEASE READ: NaMayWriMo 2014 has MOVED!

NaMayWriMo 2014 has MOVED!

Welcome to NaMayWriMo 2014! Hello, meet Steve... by Agent Double Oh Zero
Attention, May people! NaMayWriMo has MOVED. Our new home is now Steve The WriMo Forum! Don't worry, we are still the exact same challenge - just with a different url! So, if you want to participate in NaMayWriMo 2014 (or just hang out like on AoE or PlotMo, there's a place to do that as well!), do head on over!

It's almost May - do you know where YOUR plot bunnies are?

Depending on what time zone you're in, you'll either have a day left, or just a few hours. Some of us are frantically rounding off our Camp Novels or Amplecti Insania, some of us are poking ineffectually at a great big gray pile of nothing, and many of us are somewhere in between. We all have one thing in common, though, which is why we joined the forum. We have a story trying to escape from our minds!

It could be the germ of an idea, or it could be a finished draft that you're cleaning up. Whatever it is, let's fight the demons of self-doubt, distracting snacks in the fridge, the weariness of the mortal coil (guilty), the internet, what have you -- and let's get that bunny down on paper. In addition, because creativity loves company, let's all race to the finish line by the end of May!

But wait -- there's another thing! What's with the subject?
Oh yes, the subject! Well, NaMayWriMo has a new home. We are now located at

So who is Steve, and why are we moving?
The forum is for the people who want to do one or more of the usual round of challenges, but who end up skipping around among a bunch of forums. Instead of showing up in one forum for a month, and then leaving it inactive the rest of the time, we'll simply be hosting all of those challenges in one place.

Will I see any difference?
It's exactly the same, but BETTER! You can still do the same challenge as before. However, because AoE, PlotMo, and our monthly challenges (like NaMayWriMo) are run by the same people, we just consolidated them in one place so it's easier to maintain. It will be easier on you as well, because now you don't have to check multiple forums. Steve will remain active throughout the year, even after FebNoWriMo, MarchNoWriMo, NaMayWriMo, etc. are over.

What can I do with Steve?
Anything you want. We have both a writing and a non-writing section, and we allow any type of goal even if it's not a word count goal, so there will be something for you no matter what stage of writing you're in. For those who crave competition, we'll be doing the usual word count based wrimo challenges. If you're a member of Arrow of Eloquence or NaNoPlotMo or need a daily dose of different normality, we also have the same hangout, discussion, and insane challenge areas here. So, if you're more comfortable lurking than berzerking, that's okay too!

What will happen to NaMayWriMo (and all the other challenges)?
The existing threads will be locked and archived, but everything that is up there will be available as read-only, so you can still access your material. Anyone landing on that page will be redirected to Steve.

One more thing. Why is the forum named Steve?
It's not because we couldn't think of anything deep and insightful that cast a whole new twisted light upon the writerly condition. It's our brilliant writer-snaring strategy -- I mean, who doesn't want to join a forum named Steve? Also, it's because Steve is a strong, kingly name, a name that will spawn a thousand shining tales that will proceed to REVOLUTIONIZE the literary world!
No, really, it's because we couldn't think of anything more deep and insightful than...*dramatic pause, waves hands*...STEVE! Come on, say it with me, in a deep, booming voice. You have to do the dramatic pause and wave your hands. It's fun!

*waves hands*

So, quaff a flagon of your favorite hyper-making drink (as I clearly seem to have done), and let's work on our stories in May!

Or lurk about. Some people seem to prefer that as well. (Again, guilty.)

Whichever it is, we hope to see you there!

--Your Awesome Admins

October 2014: Currently happening on Steve - Spectacular Spectober!
NaNoPrepMo - Prepare yourself and your story for NaNoWriMo.
SpecNoWriMo - Write a speculative fiction story in October. Any goal.


Welcome to NaMayWriMo!
Agent Double Oh Zero: *deep breath* Apr 6, 2014 10:04:58 GMT -5
Agent Double Oh Zero: *long, pregnant silence* Apr 6, 2014 10:05:02 GMT -5
Agent Double Oh Zero: shout. Apr 6, 2014 10:05:08 GMT -5
Agent Double Oh Zero: *pause* Apr 6, 2014 10:05:13 GMT -5
Agent Double Oh Zero: SHOUT. Apr 6, 2014 10:05:17 GMT -5
Agent Double Oh Zero: Let it all out. Apr 6, 2014 10:05:38 GMT -5
Agent Double Oh Zero: These are the things I can do without. Apr 6, 2014 10:05:46 GMT -5
Agent Double Oh Zero: Come on... Apr 6, 2014 10:05:49 GMT -5
Agent Double Oh Zero: I'm talking to you, so come on... Apr 6, 2014 10:06:04 GMT -5
Siana Blackwood: Oh, is it my shout? Apr 6, 2014 21:35:55 GMT -5
Siana Blackwood: Oh, and... Apr 6, 2014 21:38:13 GMT -5
Siana Blackwood: Or how about a cover by Atrocity? Apr 6, 2014 21:41:47 GMT -5
Siana Blackwood: Also, I didn't know until just then that Atrocity and Leaves' Eyes have the same members. Apr 6, 2014 21:48:36 GMT -5
Agent Double Oh Zero: Knew about Leaves' Eyes and Theatre of Tragedy, but I didn't know about Atrocity at all. XD Apr 6, 2014 22:57:16 GMT -5
Agent Double Oh Zero: Shout...shout... man, now it's in my head! That's what comes of listening to addictive '80's earworms. Apr 6, 2014 23:00:37 GMT -5
Agent Double Oh Zero: Okay, another cover: I love this version so much better than the original version! Apr 6, 2014 23:01:01 GMT -5
Siana Blackwood: - 'shout' by Johnny O'Keefe. Famous for possibly having the reverb effect created by putting the microphone in a toilet x_x. Apr 7, 2014 1:36:55 GMT -5
butterflywings: Singing in the rain... I'm singing in the rainnnn! Apr 14, 2014 15:29:44 GMT -5
butterflywings: Yeah. That was sad :D Apr 14, 2014 18:41:56 GMT -5
Agent Double Oh Zero: Sad? Nah. Sad is putting up the shoutbox and then not realizing that someone shouted in forever. XD Apr 19, 2014 9:38:10 GMT -5
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